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Gallium Nitride HEMT Epiwafer

Gallium nitride (GaN) is used as the wide band gap material for next generation power semiconductors and high frequency devices. We achieved high voltage resistance and good flatness on the Gallium Nitride HEMT Epiwafers using our proprietary buffer layers. (GaN on Si HEMT Epiwafers)

We are also engaged in the development of p-GaN cap layers and AlGaN DH structure for the realization of normally-off HEMT Epiwafers.

We also handle GaN Epiwafers on silicon carbide (SiC) and sapphire and AIN templates for high-quality LED (on sapphire wafer).

Gallium Nitride HEMT Epiwafer
Applications (GaN on Si HEMT Epiwafer)
  • For power semiconductors: Inverter and AC-DC converter
  • For high-frequency devices: For mobile phone base stations
Inverter for air conditioner etc.

Inverter for air conditioner etc.

For high frequency devices such as mobile phone base stations

For high frequency devices such as mobile phone base stations

Product features(GaN on Si HEMT Epiwafer)
  • High voltage resistance (1000V) and low leak current (1E-6A)
  • Crack-free
  • Good bow feature (Bow < 50μm)
  • Wafer size (3, 4, and 6 inches)
  • Capable of handling thick films (4.8μm)
  • p-GaN cap layer and alGaN DH structure
Product characteristics (GaN on Si HEMT Epiwafer)
  • Standard HEMT Structure
Layer Composition Thickness x
4 GaN 1nm  
3 AlxGa1-xN 30nm 0.25
2 GaN 1500nm  
1 Buffer 3300nm  
Substrate Si 625um  
  • Substrate
Material Silicon
Orientation <111>
Crystal growth method CZ
Type p type
Size(inch) 3,4,6
Thickness(um) 625 or 675
Backside rough
  • Electrical properties
Hall measurement Typical value
Sheet resistance(ohm/sq) 400
Carrier density(/cm2) 1.00E+13
Mobility(cm2/Vs) 1550
  • Vertical/Horizontal leak current
Product characteristics (GaN on Si HEMT Epiwafer)
  • Notes
  • - Recommended use: Power switching device
  • - The values and characteristics shown here are typical values.
  • - We will adjust the structure and characteristics on request.
  • - We can meet your requests for the p-GaN cap layer and AlGaN buffer structure.
Product characteristics (AIN template)
Substrate: c-plane sapphire
Crystal Structure of AlN Epitaxial Layer: wurtzite
Diameter: 50.8 mm ± 0.25 mm (typical)
Thickness of Substrate: 430 μm ± 25 μm (typical)
Thickness of AlN Epitaxial Layer: 1 μm ± 0.3 μm (typical)
Surface: c-plane AlN, as grown
effective area < 40 mmΦ (typical)
no cracks by a visual inspection.
Backside: rough
FWHM of X-ray ω-scan rocking curve: < 150 arcsec for (0002) (typical)
Conductivity: insulating
Packing: packaged fluoroware container
and vacuum-packed.
Product characteristics (AIN template)

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