Research and Technology Development

New development

Utilizing our thin-film, high-purity, crystallization and powder technologies, we supply materials that can also function as a semiconductor, magnet, battery or conductor.

These different materials are used to make products for applications in the environmental, energy, information communications, electronic equipment, automotive, medical, and healthcare sectors.

We use the most advanced technologies to develop materials that meet user. Please feel free to contact us with any request or inquiry.

Element technologies

Powder, crystallization, thin-film, and high purity technologies

Magnetic control
Electric conductive control
Powder processing
Dry-chemical synthesis
Gas-phase reactions
Surface control
Thermal control
Element processing
Element design
Wet-chemical synthesis
Waste liquid disposal

Our advantages

  • The technical strength to provide various kinds of powder
  • The technical strength to support stable product quality
  • DOWA Group’s synergies (raw material procurement, recycling)

New development products and applications

All-Solid-State Battery Materials (solid electrolyte)
Radio Wave Absorber
Complex Oxide Powder
Spherical Conductive Powder (large particle size)
Silver Nano Powder

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