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Ferrite Powder

Ferrite Powder is used in magnet rollers used for development rollers inside development units of laser beam printers (LBP)/copiers, brushless DC motors used to power household electrical appliances and automobiles, and magnetic encoders used in automobile anti-lock braking system (ABS).

We hold the top share of the world market for the bond magnet hard Ferrite Powder.

Ferrite Powder
  • Magnet roller: LBP/copier
  • Motor: Air conditioner/refrigerator/retractable mirror/mirror driving device
  • Sensor: ABS
Application examples (magnet roller, motor, sensor)

Application examples (magnet roller, motor, sensor)

Product features
  • This Ferrite Powder is designed to maintain high magnetic force when used in resins such as plastic and rubber as filler.
  • High filling ability, formability, and magnetic force are realized by controlling magnetic characteristics and powder characteristics together.

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