Perovskite-type complex oxide powder

Perovskite-type Complex Oxide Powder

We are developing complex oxide powders as a new field.

Perovskite-type complex oxide powder (SOFC)

  • Various oxides that can be used as the materials for electrodes and electrolytes.
  • Can also be used for exhaust gas purification catalyst and OSC material.
  • Formed by uniform particles of low element segregation.
  • Can be adjusted to the required composition, particle size (sub-micron to several tens of microns) and specific surface area.

Appearance of complex oxide
Fine partical type
Coarse particle type
Coarse particle type

Prototype examples
- LaSrFeCoO3, LaSrCaMnO3, LaNiFeO3
- CeGdO2

Power generation characteristics

Measured using the cells produced by National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Chubu Center.

Measuring conditions

H2 50cc/min, Air

Operation temperature

600, 650℃

Cell conditions

Air electrode: LSCF/GDC(70/30wt%)
Intermediate layer: GDC
Electrolyte: Stabilized ZrO2
Fuel electrode: NiO-Stabilized ZrO2

Power generation characteristics
  • Excellent operation characteristics even in the low-temperature range

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