High-purity metals

High-purity metals
  • Our products include high-purity gallium, high-purity indium, high-purity antimony, high-purity copper, high-purity zinc, and high-purity magnesium.
  • These products have been refined to the purity of 99.9999% or higher.
  • In particular, we also hold the No. 1 share in sales of high-purity gallium in the world market.
  • We are also engaged in recycling of various types of metals.
  • We also supply gallium oxide.

(High-purity gallium) HB, LEC, VGF wafers, LED, and so on





Product features

High-purity gallium is produced from the by-products of the zinc smelting process of Akita Zinc Co., Ltd, Iijima Smelting Plant and also recycled products of scrap material.

Details of high-purity metals

The following website provides the details of high-purity metals.

Contact address for enquiries on high-purity metals

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