Gallium Arsenide Wafer

Gallium Arsenide Wafer

Our gallium arsenide wafers are used in a wide range of fields including electronics devices such as laser applications for DVD, LED, and mobile phones.

  • Semi-conductive gallium arsenide wafers are used for laser diodes and LEDs.
  • Semi-insulating gallium arsenide wafers are used for mobile phone components (PA and SW).

Application for DVD lasers and so on

Application of laser diodes to be used for DVD and so on.

Product features
  • Single crystals produced using the VGF method, LEC method, and HB method.
  • The features include a technology for high accuracy control of carrier concentration and reducing EPD.

Details of gallium arsenide wafers

The following website provides details of gallium arsenide wafers.

Contact address for enquiries on gallium arsenide wafers

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