Metal powder

Metal Powder

In the field of magnetic metal powder used in large capacity magnetic recording media including computer data storage tapes and video tapes for broadcast stations, we hold an overwhelming world market share of 90%.

Supporting this amazingly high market share is our advanced technology that cannot be imitated by other manufacturers such as particulate control technology.
The Advanced Fine Materials Laboratory, which is the base of the research and development in this field, successfully developed super particulate metal powder of 30 nano meters (1 nano meter = 0.001 micro meter) that supports storage capacity of 2.5TB or more.

Currently, we are engaged in the research of Ɛ iron oxide and other post metal powders, thereby contributing to the evolution of large capacity storage media.

  • Data: Computer backup tape
  • Broadcast: Data collection to broadcasting and storing (archive)

Magnetic storage tape

Magnetic storage tape

Product features
  • Needle magnetic iron-cobalt alloy powder of 20nm to 300nm
  • High dispersion/equalization by our specific facility specification
  • Particle shape control by applying trace metal doping to particles
  • Superior dispersion feature (no sintering between particles)
  • High weather proofing and high corrosion resistance
Powder features
Particle length: 20nm~300nm
Hc: 1,100~2,600(Oe)
σs: 80~160(emu/g)
BET: 30~100(m2/g)

Contact address for enquiries on metal powder

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