Magnetic decontamination reagent

Magnetic decontamination reagent

We are developing a magnetic decontamination reagent as a new field.

Decontamination reagent for fly ash contaminated by radioactive cesium (Cs)

  • Joint development with Jikei University,School of Medicine ,DOWA Holdings and DOWA Eco-System

Fly ash decontamination flow

Magnetic decontamination reagent  Fly ash decontamination flow
  • Through stirring and washing for 3 to 6 hours, the radiodensity in the fly ash is reduced by about 85%.
  • The radiodensity of waste water (filtrate) is lower than the detection limit.

SEM image

SEM image
Has a porous spatial structure
- Large absorption surface area
- Easy internal permeation of contaminated water
- Highly dispersible due to its low specific gravity

Product features

Cesium absorption ability
(equivalent to process waste water 10Bq/L)

10,000Bq/g or more

Alkali tolerance


Ease of magnetic separation

Possible with a magnetic force of around 5,000G

Stirring resistance

Durable for mixing and stirring with fly ash

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