Handling of Personal Information

  1. We make sure that personal information received from customers is handled in accordance with laws and regulations so as not to damage the rights and interests of customers.
  2. When obtaining personal information, we clearly indicate the purpose of its use. On this website, customer personal information will not be collected except for the sections under which acquisition of personal information is stipulated.
  3. We ensure prevention of leakage, loss, and damage regarding personal information and also ensure prevention of unauthorized access to personal information of customers by taking appropriate safety measures.
  4. We use personal information of customers only within the scope required for achieving the following except when otherwise specified.
    • Sending reference materials such as product information and settlement information to customers
    • Sending information on events and so on to customers
    • Implementation of the contract exchanged with the customer and DOWA Electronics
    • Replies to customer enquiries
  5. We will not disclose personal information of customers to third parties without consent of the customers unless otherwise approved by laws and regulations. When subcontracting the services that handle personal information of customers to a third party, we will disclose personal information after concluding a contract that specifies the obligations of taking appropriate safety measures.

Enquiries regarding the protection of personal information

Please contact the following address for enquiries regarding the protection of personal information. Please note that we may request you to present written proof of identification.

DOWA Electronics Materials Co., Ltd. , Strategic Planning Department
Address: Akihabara UDX Building, 22nd Floor, Sotokanda 4-14-1, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo, 101-0021
Telephone number: +81 3-6847-1250
Enquiry via Internet
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