Atomized powder

Atomized Powder

We are developing conductive atomized powder as a new field.

Resin curing paste and conductive filler for firing paste

  • We can supply metal powder of micron size by the atomization method.
  • We support various alloy compositions such as copper alloy.

Examples of various metal powders that we handle

  • Copper powder and copper alloy powder (CuZn, CuNiZn, CuNI, and so on)
  • Silver coated powder
  • Silver alloy powder (AgCu, AgSn, and so on)

Line-up of resin curing silver coating alloy powder and copper powder


Silver coated alloy powder and silver coated copper powder


Spherical and flake

Particle size


Amount of silver coated


Appearance (SEM photograph) Atomized Powder Exterior (SEM photograph)
Enlarged cross section of a particle Atomized Powder Enlarged cross section of a particle

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