Business overview

Business overview of the DOWA Group

DOWA Electronics Materials Co., Ltd. was established in October 2006 as a company specializing in the electronics materials businesses, being spun off from DOWA Mining Co., Ltd. that was established as a mining and smelting company in 1884.

DOWA Electronics Materials Co., Ltd. have produced products that hold a top share of their respective world markets with the high added values and is classified divided into three major businesses; semiconductor business, electronics materials business, and advanced fine materials business.

In the semiconductor business, we launched the GaN business as a new business in addition to the materials unit that handles Ga, In ground metals, compound unit that handles GaAs wafers, and Opto unit that handles LEDs. In the electronics materials business, we handle silver oxide and so on, and in the advanced fine materials business, we handle magnetic materials including metal powder, carrier powder, and ferrite powder.

Semiconductor High purity metals (GA, In ground metal, etcetera), GaAS wafer, LED, GaN business etcetera
Electronics materials Silver powder, silver oxide powder, etcetera
Advanced fine materials Metal powder, carrier powder, ferrite powder, iron powder etcetera
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