The business was established by Densaburo Fujita in Osaka.
September 1884
Fujita Group received Kosaka Mine that was sold off by the Government.
May 1899
Undertook the Kagoshima Bay land reclamation business.
June 1902
Commenced operation of Kosaka black ore flash smelting.
April 1915
Acquired Hanaoka Mine.
September 1916
Acquired Sakuhara Mine.
December 1945
Renamed to DOWA Mine Co., Ltd.
August 1953
Constructed and commenced operation of Okayama Smelting Works (currently DOWA Electronics Materials Okayama Co., Ltd.).
September 1957
Merged with Fujita Kogyo.
November 1965
Established Dowa Iron Powder Industry (current DOWA IP Creation Co., Ltd.).
February 1971
Established Akita Smelting Co., Ltd.
December 1980
Completed construction and started operation of the Kosaka lead smelting facility.
August 1982
Established the Semiconductor Materials Laboratory.
September 1983
Completed construction and started operation of the Okayama metal powder manufacturing facility.
June 1988
Completed construction and started operation of the Akita LED plant.
May 1989
Established Kosaka Smelting.
April, 1993
Established DOWA Semiconductor (currently DOWA Semiconductor Akita Co., Ltd.)
April 2000
Introduced the company system.
October 2002
Established DOWA Metals (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
March 2006
Relocated the head office to Akihabara.
October 2006
Changed to the Holdings system.
Established DOWA Electronics Materials Co., Ltd.
(Spun off from DOWA Mining Co., Ltd. as an electronics materials businesses company.)
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